Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Biggest Sewing Hits and Misses

Going through last year's sewing projects, I am struck by how many things I made that I LOVE and wear regularly - like 80% of what I made.  I wanted this to be a 10 hits and 10 misses post, but it will be 10 hits and 4 misses.  To be sure, there are things I made that aren't in heavy wardrobe rotation, but there are not many that I just don't wear.

Let's start with the duds in no particular order, shall we?

McCalls 7319  Ugh.  The color.  The super thin fabric.  The shape.  This was a pain to sew, too, but at least the fabric was inexpensive.

Butterick 6021  This actually isn't even as bad as it looks in the photos.  The elastic waist does stay down lower when I wear it, but the straps are too wide, and I certainly don't reach for it with excitement..

McCalls 6886   This is a surprise miss.  I still really like the fabric, but I don't reach for this one.  I think I should have given it short sleeves and made it a little roomier since the fabric doesn't have much stretch.

McCalls 7162  You knew this one was coming, right?  I try to love it and have worn it several times, but I don't feel my best in it.  The fit is off and it's not my most flattering shape anyway.

So here are my 10 absolute favorites, in order:

10.  Yep, I'm starting off by cheating and putting my bags together.  They're just bags but I love 'em...
Market Bag and Kati Cupcake Bag

9.  Vogue 1460 This gray dress isn't setting the world on fire, but it is perfect for wearing to funerals where I do the music.  I wear this often.

8.  Vogue 8379  A great dress for church, but it's too fancy for much else, so I don't get to wear it often.

7.  McCalls 6886  I actually just wore this yesterday.  It is the perfect tee.  Must. Make. More.

6.  McCalls 7351 shirtdress with honorable mench to the bee that made these photos interesting.

5.  McCalls 7351 I am kind of surprised by how much I wear this.  I should definitely make another.

4.  All of my Itch to Stitch Arenal tops.  Yep, totally cheated again by putting 4 in one there.

3.  McCalls 7429  I get compliments from strangers and friends every time I wear this.  It is striking AND comfy.  This must become a dress, and I have the perfect creamy ponte to make it happen!

2.  Vogue 1439 red pants with snazzy zips.  Why oh why have I not sewn more of these pants yet??

And # 1.  Combo Dress Simplicity 1609/McCalls 6886  This dress is everything.  That is all.

My sewing goals this year are to continue making casual separates for my casual lifestyle.  I think I did well with that last year.  More tee shirts and pants for me!


  1. Great wardrobe. My favourites are the striped tee from McCalls 6886 and the shirtdress from 7351. Congratulations on a successful sewing year.

  2. The combo dress IS everything. As are the snazzy red pants. And that grey Vogue dress. SWOON. Your Itch to Stitch tops are all awesome and I think you could get more wear out of your wrap dress with casual shoes and chunky/fun jewelry.

    A great year for you!

  3. I love those pants!!!!!! I think most everything you make is fantastic, and you have a great sense of style. I look forward to seeing your 2017 makes!!

  4. I agree with KS_Sews on the wrap dress - switch up the shoes and accessories. It doesn't look super dressy in the pics. I've been surprised that you haven't blogged any more pants yet - the red ones really are fantastic! Looking forward to being inspired by your 2017 sewing! :-)

  5. Fab sewing lists, you've made some amazing stuff and I love your #1, I so need one of these in my life!

  6. You really did make some awesome pieces last year! I am really looking forward to more posts from you in 2017 too! I've definitely had my "Ugh" moments last year too! I know what you mean about the McCalls 7162 (pink top)...I still have the pattern you gave me and now I'm trying to figure out how to hack it to make it work for my "mature" body, LOL!! I still have the Arenal top on my table for creating...just have not found the best fabric for it yet. Happy New Year and blessing for a fabulous 2017!


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