Sunday, January 22, 2017

Clockwork in Brioche by Stephen West knit in Ewe2Yarns

This is Clockwork in Brioche by Stephen West.  This is my first brioche stitch project ever and can I just say - so easy!  If you can knit, purl, knit 2 together, and yarnover, you can knit brioche.  Detailed instructions are included in this pattern.

I think many knitters who have heard of Stephen West's designs associate him with kind of crazy shawls.  True, he has a unique style, but many of his designs are very wearable.  I am waiting for the perfect yarn combo to jump out at me for a Daybreak.

The yarn for this project is almost all from Ewe2yarn on Etsy.  I am a big fan of her nature-inspired hand-dyed yarns.  They are mostly semi-solids, which I like.  The colors I used are Haystack (the golden yellow), Buckwheat (brown), and a bit of leftover Herb Garden from my Featherweight Cardigan is in the border.  The white is leftover alpaca from this hat.  I gave that hat away to a very knit-worthy 4-year-old niece who couldn't stop admiring it last year.  I kind of want to make myself another one now.  It is a great hat!  

As usual, let's close with a shot of how I actually wear this shawl.  I generally knit long skinny shawls that I wear more like scarves.  I am also a big fan of a safety pin or even a decorative pin to keep things in place.  

I am off to do a little serger sewing.  I'm still getting used to my serger and coverstitch machines that I received for Christmas presents.  Can't wait to share a couple of things I have made using them.  I hope everyone is have a relaxing, crafty weekend!


  1. This is really gorgeous!! I think I will check out this pattern and give the old Brioche a try!! And thanks for the yarn shout out.... you really make my yarn look good!!


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