Friday, February 12, 2016

Vogue 1439 pants in RED

These pants are my favorite ever!!  Between the zippered pockets and the awesome fabric that does NOT bag out at the end of the day, they are my best yet.

 The pattern is Vogue 1439.

I was drawn to the fun little zippered pocket on the front.  I made the zipper exposed on my version in keeping with my more casual fabric, and I'm really pleased with how it came out. pleased in fact, that I used zippers on the back welt pockets as well,even though the pattern includes regular single welt pockets.
 I am happy with the fit of these also.  I have documented my own personal challenges with fitting pant legs for my "protruding thighs." Ugh I hate that fitting term.

Overall, a great pattern I may make again.  The fabric is from Pennie Fabrics in Sarasota and it is really fantastic.  Nassir (the owner) kept telling me how great this pants fabric is, so I finally bought some, and yes, he was right!  It has some stretch but doesn't bag out.  The recovery lasts all day.  I would love to get some in white or a pale tan, but I think he only had bright colors last time I was there.
 I must sheepishly admit that I bought this top at Target a week ago.  I even have a couple of striped knit  fabrics waiting to become tees, but I saw this and couldn't not succumb.  I have a slight stripe infatuation.


  1. Those pants are amazing! They fit so well, and look so well made!!

  2. They are great pants! I love them. I think they look so much better than the Vogue ones on the envelope! The whole outfit looks terrific.

    1. I did take in the outseams about 3/8" each. Not sure if I remembered to mention that, but it does give them a skinnier look.

  3. Great ,great job on these pants . The fit is perfect . Pants are still on my to- do list but I'm very intimidated. Love the color also .

  4. Awesome pants! You need to buy more of that fabric for sure.

  5. I love everything about them! Super awesome fit, the color is fun, and the zippers are cool.


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