Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Furry Backpack using Swoon Sewing Patterns Lucy Backpack

Did you see Mainely Dad's furry backpack?  Back in August, when he posted his inspiration, I was hooked.  I HAD to have a furry backpack, too.  I ordered 1/2 yard of this faux fur from Mood Fabrics.  Everything else was from my stash, which was very gratifying.  Actually, scratch that.  I think I had to buy some of the hardware, but almost everything was from my stash.

I kid you not - I am quite certain this is my most-complimented creation. Turns out everyone loves a furry backpack, or at least is delighted by my nuttiness.  Most days I use it, someone tells me how much they love it or asks where I got it.  

The second outside fabric is a denim from my stash.  I like the casual vibe this gives.  Not like I'd be carrying this to a wedding anyway.

The drawstring closure is my favorite feature.  It looks very professional and was not hard to create.  I used the same pattern as Mainely Dad - Swoon Sewing Patterns' Lucy Backpack with some modifications.  At first, I tried using a backpack pattern in a book I have, but I had to make too many changes.  The $6 for the Swoon pattern was worth it, and there are many more bag designs there that caught my eye.

The green lining is actually made up of several green fabrics in my stash.  I was happy to do a little scrap busting there.  I also really like the zippered pocket on the back.  It is an easy place to stash my phone and keys.  If you look really closely on this last photo, you can see the flap seam allowance didn't totally catch in my seam joining it to the back.  I keep meaning to go back and hand stitch that to secure it, but then I keep forgetting, too.  Someday...


  1. A member of our guild made two bags from Swoon and I was so impressed. They looked so professional and so does your backpack.

  2. Thanks, Julie! This is a new pattern company for me, and I will definitely use it again!

  3. Wow! Not only is that bag pretty cute, but you can tell that it really is a backpack. This isn't something that is just supposed to be a fashion statement. It looks like it has, even more, room than you might have expected when you just glance at it from the outside.

    Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products


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