Saturday, August 20, 2016

McCalls 7429 Twist Dress shortened to a Tunic

This project gave me a bit of stress, but it all turned out well!  This is McCalls 7429, from the recent Early Fall collection.  I almost got this post up before the newer McCalls Fall collection was released, so I was almost on trend.  Oh well.

My fabric for this is a rayon/cotton jersey from Mood Fabrics that is now sold out.  That is very sad because this fabric is a dream, and at $7.99 a yard, the price was right.  I have decided that rayon/cotton blends are my favorite jerseys.  Just enough heft, just enough sheen, and just enough comfort.  The first picture in this post accurately reflects the color - a bright, rich red.

I made a few changes in the end.  I lengthened the short sleeves a bit to hit right at the crease of my elbows, and I shortened the whole dress to tunic length.  Truth be told, that was my plan at the outset, but I was concerned the proportions would not look right, so I made the dress full length first.  It turned out to be uncomfortably short as drafted (I am 5'6", so taller than average, but not too much).  It was several inches above my knee before hemming.  That's when I decided the tunic was happening, and I am really happy with the result.  I think the proportions are fine, and I could use a comfortable tunic top in my wardrobe more than a red dress.

I like the twist detail on this dress.  Twist tops were everywhere 5-10 years ago, and then they were less in fashion.  I kind of hope they are making a comeback.  I think they are really flattering and elevate a basic tee shirt.  This knot being at the waist is a bit different from the usual center bust placement.  As with many twist top patterns, the instructions had me scratching my head a couple of times.  I think there is just no way around it.  Interesting patterns will be a bit more challenging.  I just followed slowly step by step, and everything turned out fine.

There is a center back seam on this pattern, which makes for a great fit, and would make a swayback adjustment simple to do.  Mine fit fine, though.  Oops, you can see the back pockets on my ponte pants through my top.  I will generally wear this over leggings or jeggings, but I was going for a slightly dressier look today for my anniversary dinner.  :-)  Here is my whole look - leopard print pumps and all.


  1. Lovely tunic, looks fab on you! The trousers look great also! And the leopard pumps are to die for!

  2. I love it! I am pretty sure I have this pattern, and some fabric I was going to use for it, but (like most of my clothes-sewing plans), I haven't even started yet. You look fabulous, and I hope your anniversary dinner was awesome! Al and I went there for our first anniversary. It was quite tasty!

  3. This looks really fabulous on you. And a tunic will be much more versatile than a dress, so smart move. I generally don't worry too much about trends. I think it is much more important to look good in clothes, not on trend. Sometimes on trend can be a very bad move if it is not a style that flatters. Great job

  4. Your top looks great on, it's fits you so well and I love that twist, all round winner in my eyes.

  5. What a lovely top Jenny! That "hot" red is beautiful on you!! You've really been busy! I wanted to try this pattern too for a nice summer dress, but was scared of the knot being too bulky for my already bulky tummy, LOL!! Looks great on you and doesn't appear to bulky at all.

  6. I love this on you Jenny. I find this design very intriguing and am tempted to get that pattern.


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