Saturday, March 26, 2016

McCalls 7351 shortened to a Shirt in Liberty of London Lawn Bamboo Garden

It didn't take me long to break into the new stash of Liberty fabrics.  I think I said I was planning a dress or skirt with this cotton lawn in the print Bamboo Garden Eggshell.  When I started draping it around me, though, I knew it had to be a classic collared shirt.  
I used the recently-released McCalls 7351, which is actually a shirtdress pattern, but I had it on hand so I used the pattern exactly out of the envelope to just below the bust darts, and then I used my waist and hip measurements plus a few inches ease to cut the rest of the shirt.  I made sure to cut it on the big side and fine-tuned the side seam fit at the end.  It worked out great!
I am wearing the blouse with my black Simplicity 1696 pants.  I had previously taking in the outseams on these pants when the textured fabric stretched.  I am considering removing the waistband and making it smaller and lower due to the same fabric issues.  I have to say, though, that since adjusting the outseam, these fit much better and don't bag out through the day.  I just have to make sure to wear a belt to keep them up.

For the back yoke facing, I used a plain white cotton to avoid any potential show-through of the pattern on the lightweight lawn.  The back pleat makes this very comfortable to wear.

 To interface the collar, collar stand, and buttonbands, I used white silk organza, a trick I really like for lightweight collared shirts (used before here).  The organza makes the collar behave.

 Do you know the trick for buttonholes on collared shirts?  Make all the buttonholes vertical except the top and the bottom.  Those are horizontal and keep the fronts from shifting up and down .

I have some pretty big scraps of this fabric.  Maybe enough for a little girl garment.  I am seeing niece sewing in my future with all my favorite scraps.


  1. Love liberty and have one piece in my stash to make into a similar sleeveless shirt. Love the print of this one.

    1. I have zipped through my Liberty purchases of late and definitely see more in my future. It's just an investment!

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