Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Knitting Pattern in Knitty - Recital

Sorry I have been away for a while.  It turns out we are moving up the east coast as soon as school is over, and I quickly became overwhelmed with all the preparations to sell the house and move our stuff.  This is for the most part, a very good move.  Hubs has a great new job, and we are moving very close to all of my family, but we have definitely settled into Florida after almost 7 years, and we will miss our friends, our perfect little neighborhood, our church, and being so close to my in-laws and the BEACH 
There has been precious little crafting going on - a little knitting on one project and no sewing except for some things for my church.  My sewing machines have been unceremoniously placed in a closet for house showings.  Much of my yarn stash has been placed in a box and moved to storage, to declutter for above-mentioned house showings.  Most destructive of all to the creative juices has just been the all-consuming nature of preparing for the move.  Even now, with our current house under contract (YEA!!) and more free time as I just wait around for the move date, I am hesitant to get things out and start making messes again.

In the midst of this excitement, my second knitting pattern for Knitty was published, Recital.  Here it is on Ravelry.  My plan had been to have two other knitting patterns up on Ravelry before the release date, but, well, that just didn't happen.  Now would be a good time to finish up those patterns, though.  It makes no mess to type up instructions!

I love this little cowl-neck tee.  The yarn is Shibui Knits Staccato, a luxurious merino/silk blend.  It is perfect for these spring days when you are ready for short sleeves but want a little sweater warmth.  The construction is really fun, too.  The back is knit normally, bottom-up, but the front is worked from side to side, and the sleeves are picked up and knit down - no sewing in sleeves!  Possibly best of all, being a Knitty pattern, the instructions are free!  :-)  I hope you enjoy.