Monday, December 12, 2016

Itch to Stitch Arenal Top in Sweater Knit

Why yes, it is another Arenal Top by Itch to Stitch.  I can't help myself.  I love this pattern, and this version is the ultimate in cosy, snuggly, but not-too-warm perfection.

The fabric is a poly/rayon sweater knit from Emma One Sock that I ordered around Black Friday.  I actually ordered quite a bit of fabrics that day.  A little birdy told me to expect a serger machine and coverstitch machine for my birthday and Christmas, so I obviously needed some nice new knits to use my new machines.  Problem is, I couldn't wait!  I had to sew this top like right that second.  I am trying to be more patient with the others.

Obviously, I used the swing hem and 3/4 sleeves for this version.  I also added cuffs to the sleeves.

Happy sewing!  I promise my next project will be something other than Arenal!

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  1. oh, this looks really cosy! Love the blue!

  2. It looks great, I love the variegated blue in the knit. Now you have made me venture over to Emma One Sock. Such great fabrics!

  3. Oh my Ms. Jenny!!! I am loving this sweater and color on you!! Doesn't matter how many times you make the same pattern...especially when each of them looks so different from the other! Do you know I have not made that yet? I did purchase the pattern right after you created your first too! I've been distracted lately (social media), but that's about to change! I have so much to do and with no where to go during the Christmas holiday, it's the best time to catch up! Love this top and you can make many more as far as I'm concerned! Can't wait for our next meet up, maybe we can do some crochet work together!


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