Thursday, September 25, 2014

Podcast 7: Knitting Knitting Knitting


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State of the Podcast
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My Life

      McCalls 4440 in denim
      McCalls 4440 in rayon batik
      Simplicity 1696 - new TNT pants
                 I also mention Vogue 2907
      Toddler outfit - McCalls 6781
      Baby outfit - Simplicity 2291
.                Urban threads embroidery

      sweatshirt - McCalls 7026

      Gnarled Oak Cardigan from Coastal Knits
      Rustling Leaves Beret from Coastal Knits in Kettle Tweed; here is my first one!

      Beacon Hill for my mom in Ella Rae Classic  (first version, which I apparently never blogged about.  For shame!!)
      Husband's socks

      Plum Frost Cardi

Gift Plans
      Socks for my dad using this pattern

Living Handmade
      Clean My Space

Yarn Shop
      Fiber Art, Inc.

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  1. You got music! Woohoo! I'd donate if you put up a button. I'm currently hiding from my children listening to you :-)


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