Tuesday, September 23, 2014

McCalls 4440 in Rayon Batik

Let's call this McCalls 4440, part 2 (part 1 is here).

While I was sewing this, I told Hubs we need to go on a cruise.  This feels like a cruise dress.  Of course, that hasn't stopped me from wearing it around town for everything else.
 I used the same pattern view as the denim dress.  It has the crossover bodice.  Unlike that one, though, this one is nicely finished inside with a blue lining.
 I'm wearing this one with a cami underneath for comfort for everyday, but I can also pop on the strapless and get a little crazy.
 The fabric is rayon batik, which I purchased at the Bernina Sewing Center (where my husband got my Bernina).  They usually only carry (very nice quality) quilting cottons, so this fabric was a nice surprise.
 These photos aren't my best effort.  We've been getting so much rain lately.  It was actually raining when we took these.  We just stood on the front porch.  :-)

If you can handle an F-bomb or two, check out my friend's hilarious burlap wreath tutorial.  I'm going to try it, definitely.  This is the childhood friend who commented on my TNT pants, and I quote, "I can see why they call these TNT pants... because your butt looks DYNAMITE in them"  Love you, Shirley!

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  1. I like this dress on you and can see why you do too! I agree, you definitely need to take it on a cruise!


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