Sunday, September 21, 2014

McCalls 4440 in Denim

I've been enjoying my denim skirt so much that I wanted a denim dress, too.

I used McCalls 4440, which is super old and out of print.  I'm not sure how long ago the pattern was released, but I do know I used my copy to make this dress 6 years ago (which I still wear regularly, though I recently had to replace the fraying straps with ribbon).

(By the way, those photos of my now-7-year-old are KILLING me!!)

Ok.  On to the new dress.  I'm getting definite '90s vibes from this one, in a good way.  This is the exact same fabric I used for my recent A-line skirt.  It has just a tiny bit of stretch.
 I'm modeling the dress with a strapless bra here, but I've also worn it with a contrasting cami underneath for a little more comfy, casual vibe.  I really like the effect of the beige top-stitching.
 It's a bit rumpled from wearing.  I've been wearing it a lot.
 Getting the top-stitching to work with the zipper was a bit tricky, but I managed.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  This dress is unlined, and the inside is not pretty, though.  I like the breathability and ease of no lining in this dress, but I do wish I had a serger  for the seam finishes inside.  Of course I could have done zigzags or a hong kong finish, but oh well.
 I'm happy with the outcome, inside not withstanding, and this is already a workhorse in my closet.
Next time, another dress from the same pattern, using rayon batik!


  1. Aww, Baby P in the days of the Grumpy Trump hair! So cute, and the dress is cute too! I had to laugh because I have that exact same dress in my closet, but it's vintage 1999. Good to know its so out, it's back in again :-)

    1. I know. That pic kills me! I guess you were old enough to wear the trend the first time around, while I was far too young. Maybe not...

  2. Super cute, I have this, I HAVE to make this now!

  3. Super cute, and looks comfy as well!


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