Monday, August 18, 2014

Vogue Knitting Winter 2014 - Drop Stitch Poncho, kind of

I wasn't sure what this yarn wanted to be for a while.  At first, it started out as the Bazan Shrug by Jane Richmond, but the smooth texture of this yarn didn't make that pattern sing, so I decided on a recent Vogue Knitting magazine pattern, Drop Stitch Poncho from Winter 2014.  Sorry I can't find a link to a photo other than in Ravelry (which you have to log into), but here it is:

All was going well with mine.  I adjusted my stitches to match my gauge.  Everything was fine until I blocked it and it grew like crazy!  That's what I get for not washing my swatch.  Anyway, now I have a lovely white, chunky cowl for winter, and I'm perfectly happy with that.  :-)

Also, Martine at iMake has just started a KAL (knit along) for a super fun cowl pattern, My Favorite Things Infinity Scarf by Jill McGee.  I'm going to join in with all the odd bits of worsted weight yarn I've accumulated, but there's no telling when I'll finish this project (or when it will be cold enough to wear!)  If you want to join in the fun, join Martine's iMake group on Ravelry.

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  1. You'll probably finish before it's cold enough here. Or, at least it feels that way today. ;) Beautiful white cowl, it will be a great wardrobe piece when it gets chilly!


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