Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Plum Frost Cardigan colors

I started knitting the Plum Frost Cardigan by Elinor Brown.  I got it started before going away for a long weekend, and the fingering-weight stockinette stitch body in the round was the perfect thing for hours in the car and watching Shark Week in the hotel at night.  I'm almost done with the body to the armholes and can then start the sleeves. 

The yarn I'm using for the main part of the sweater is a pale pink KnitPicks Palette that a friend gave me years ago when it wasn't the color she expected.  All through the mindless knitting of the body, I've been thinking of what colors to use for the yoke.  What do you think?
So, I'm realizing now that it's a bit of gobbledy gook, but the color combinations are laid out in rows.  The example sweater has two neutrals and three shades of another color in addition to the main color.  I am no color theorist - I just know what I like - , so I would love any input.

Let's call the options, from top to bottom, greens, pinks, yellows, dark greens, grays.


  1. I like the pink with the grays, but the greens would also be lovely!

  2. Hmm, I think dark greens or greys, but you know I take boring to epic levels, so maybe take that with a grain of salt :-)


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