Saturday, August 30, 2014

Purple Faux-Wrap Tee

Here is my final tee for the Pattern Review TNT tee contest, ending tomorrow!  I often have grand plans to enter these contests and seldom follow through, so this is a little victory for me.

The final tee is a faux-wrap look (or criss-cross neckline or something).  I drafted the neckline from the crew-neck version.  I think the original pattern came with a variation that looks a lot like this, but I have no idea what happened to the "front" pattern piece for that.
 The fabric is a ribbed, very stretchy rayon jersey that I've had in my stash for years.  I don't have many garments in this deep purple color, but this top reminds me how much I like it!  You can see from the back view below how drapey this fabric is.  I'm thinking it would have made a nice dress.
 Having made 5 of my TNT tees in the last month, I can really see how different knits behave with the same pattern.  Typical tee shirt knit fabric makes structured, comfy tees (here and here).  A firmer RPL with little stretch makes for a very form fitting (borderline tight) version.  Drapey rayon yields fluid, loose results like this purple one and the yellow one.

Luckily, unlike the red one, I do have the perfect cowl for when temps finally cool off.
 You can really see how I made my long sleeves super long.  I always do this.  I have super long arms and grew up with long sleeved shirts that were never long enough, so I not-so-subconsciously overcompensate now! :-)

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