Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flamingo applique tee

Last week, I decided to participate in the August Pattern Review contest for TNT tees.  The idea is to make 4-6 different tee shirts from one TNT pattern during August... right up my alley.

I wasted no time and whipped this flamingo tee up over the weekend.  Yes, it is inspired by a child's tee shirt at Mini Boden.  So what?  :-)
 My basic TNT tee is Butterick 3344, long out of print.  It is no exaggeration that I've made this pattern dozens of times... or at least one dozen times.  My modifications for this version were to add little cuff-type ends and two rows of top-stitching to the short sleeves, and there is a small scoop neckline with a narrow finish.
 The superstar, though, is m pretty little flamingo!  The light pink body is reverse-appliqued, and the wings and beak are regular appliqued.  The legs are machine embroidered, and the eye is a few by-hand French knots.  If I were to make this again, my only improvement would be to lightly interface behind the legs.  It bunched up a bit when I stitched there.
If anyone is interested, I can upload a little free .pdf and explanation of the applique/reverse applique process.


  1. Jenny, so cute! Everyone, should have a great TNT Tee patern in their sewing arsenal! Love your creation!

    1. Thanks, Myra! I really need to just trace this pattern onto cardboard or something.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I think it's the perfect tee for wearing around the beach.


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