Friday, August 8, 2014

Knitting Plans

I went trolling through my yarn stash yesterday to see what I have.  I found perfect yarn for a cardi for my niece's birthday in October

I think I'll make the Alexa Luderman's Antler Cardigan.

I went through a bunch of my knitting books looking for a pattern, figuring "why buy another pattern when I have so many in my library?" but then I decided since I'm using leftover yarn for this, I could at least shell out $7 for the pattern, especially since it includes kid and adult sizes.

The yarn is red Noro Maiko leftover from this sweater.

I also found a whole bag of pink KnitPicks Palett that a friend gave to me years ago when she didn't like the color.  The pale pink color flummoxed me for a long time, but now I can see it made into the Plum Frost cardigan.  I think having other colors in the yoke will subdue the baby girl pink feel.  We're leaving for a long weekend at the beach, and this might be a great project to take along since it's knit from the bottom-up, and the small gauge will give me hours of stockinette knitting before I even need to order the yoke colors.  :-)

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