Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall 2014 Marfy Patterns

The Fall/Winter Marfy patterns are up on the McCalls site.  I have sewn a few Marfy patterns, and I love the fit and experience.  Here is an older post about sewing with Marfys.

I haven't ordered any in a few years, but here are the ones I really want now:

I like the slightly retro feel of 3516 without venturing into costume territory.  I think it would be great with a lightweight tweedy fabric and a good excuse to finally make some fabric-covered buttons.

3443 is a beautiful knit dress with strategic pleats and nifty faux belt for waist definition.

3429 is an elegant option.  I adore the neckline with tucks to make a sort of shawl collar.  I also really like the lace on the sides as an unexpected embellishment.  Again with the belt.

I like the subtle asymmetry of 3425.  I wonder if the skirt is bias-cut.  Another great, slightly unexpected use of trim.

We're definitely venturing into too-dressy-for-anything-I-do territory, but 3442 is gorgeous!  Not your run of the mill sheer sleeves with lacy dress (cough).  There is so much pretty going on here, and it all works together.  I'd even go for the peplum.  I love you, Marfy.

Ok, now we must get to the coats.  We shall not discuss the fact that I live in Florida and have plenty of coats.  Alright?

3506 is more of a jacket anyway, right?  A beefy knit or tweed and it'd be perfect for the dead of winter here.  Oh the piping/trim.  I swoon.

My new coat desire is something collarless so that it doesn't have to compete with all of my splendid knit scarves and cowls.  3480 fits the bill.

Although, I think it is 3481 that is singing to me in the collarless coat department.  Maybe it's the plaid.  Or the fur.  Which reminds me, I should mention all the fur stoles my MIL and I found in my GMIL's (is that a thing?  Grandmother-in-law) closet.  The absolute height of sophistication at the time, I'm sure, but they just kind of creep me out with their little heads and feet and stuff.  Yikes!  Anyway...

Let's wrap it up with 3482.  Why do I feel like this could fulfill my unknown desires to feel like a Russian Czarina?  Again, maybe the fabric choice.  I really like the figure-flattering cut on this.  I'm into the incorporated faux-belts this season, I guess.

Have you ever sewn a Marfy pattern?  Any desire to try?  At $15+ a pop, I need to pare down my selection a bit (or a lot).


  1. I love the second and fourth ones (the draped dresses). I might need that second one with the neck drafted slightly higher for church in the winter. I'm reading a wonderful book called "The Lost Art of Dress" that talks about how in the '30s only ladies over 30 were advised to wear soft, drapey dresses because their curves had filled out and they moved with a certain grace absent in younger women. Sounds much better than using that pleating to hide the baby pooch!

  2. I'll have to look for that book at the library (my new haunt). Yeah, that's definitely a nice way to put it. My curves have filled out. Ha!

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