Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring 2016 Sewing Inspiration

Even though it feels like I just posted about Early Summer sewing patterns, spring sewing is still on my mind.  Here are some inspiration pieces that I've run across, mostly in catalogs, that have my creative wheels spinning:

Boden Alice A-Line Dress.  Is this not the perfect inspiration to get me going with McCalls 7391?

I am really into a structured top with skinny pants.  I want to make some skinnies in white and gray this spring, probably using Vogue 1439, the same pattern as my favorite red pants.  This little top would be great with them!   New Look 6808 would be a great start for the top.  Luckily, I already have the pattern.  I would have to draft the roll neck, but it's basically the same as this one I made.  It's just a rectangle cut on the bias.  

Next up is a challenge:  JCrew's Scalloped shirt.  All this needs is a nice basic shirt pattern and some time with drafting paper.  So pretty, and I like that the scallops aren't on the edge of the shirt, so I think it looks less little-girly.

Ok.  Here are some ideas for my embroidery machine.  Both basic tops with some strategically placed stitching.  We'll see if anything comes of these...
Embroidered Circles Sleeveless Top and Chambray Scalloped Top with Grommets.

Of course, the essential shirtdress this season.  There are patterns everywhere!  This one is from Boden, and I love the sunny yellow print.  The Sophia Shirdress.

A pretty print blouse?  Yes, please!  Dolly Top from Boden.

And finally, because a good portion of my wardrobe inspiration comes from little girl designs, my beach coverup dream:  Boden's Towelling Beach Dress, and look here:  some striped terry fabric!

I am so excited for spring sewing, I don't know what to start first.


  1. Great post Ms. Jenny! Lots of very nice options for Spring! There are definitely going to be a lot of Spring tops in my sewing list as well as a couple of shirt dresses too! Good luck with your Spring sewing!

  2. I like the grommets on that first dress...I am seeing grommets everywhere at the moment.

  3. All very cute! I love that yellow shirt-dress for me. I hope you can find some fabric as great as the red-pants-fabric for your white and gray skinnies! :-)


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