Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pattern Picks: McCalls Spring 2016

The Spring McCalls patterns just came out, and I'm super excited about them!  Lots of separates, especially woven tops, are calling to me.  There were other good ones, but they are similar to something I already have.  These are the ones I'd love to get into my hands:

I love McCalls 7350.  It reminds me a lot of OOP McCalls 5752, which I made ages ago in purple and loved until it basically fell apart.  I will definitely be getting this one.
There are a lot of shirt-dress patterns out right now, and McCalls 7351 is a very nice option.  I like the shirttail option, the pleat at the back, and the perfect swing-iness of the skirt,

I like the gathered bodice on McCalls 7367.  I'll probably wait to see this made up a few times to see how I like the gathered top with the straight skirt.  However, if I think a gathered skirt would look better, that is easy to fix!

McCalls 7358 is a really cute woven wrap blouse.  I like the sleeveless version and the one with the little fold-back collar.  I like it in the gingham fabric shown, too.

McCalls 7360 is another cute woven top.  I already have Itch to Stitch's Mila Shirt, though, which is similar and has a collar option.

Yet another cute woven top - McCalls 7357.  I can see this lengthened to a really nice swim cover-up.

I almost passed over McCalls 7364 because of the drawstring waist, which is silly because some of my favorite pants have drawstrings. I like the pockets and all the different options.  These could be some really cute casual shorts and pants.  On the model, they look like they hit at a nice spot below the waist.

Finally, McCalls 7354.  I think the fabrics used in the sample don't show this dress off very well.  It's definitely playing off the vintage vibe, but I think this could work nicely in a solid or an updated print without the gigantic patch pockets and with a different finishing technique than bias tape.  This is basically another version of the infamous Walkaway dress, and I really like the waist tab closure.

This is the only pattern release I've seen this spring that really excited me.  What about you?  Did I miss your favorites?  Is there a different company that got your attention?


  1. I love the jumpsuit, and the blouse with 4 pockets. Would love to use that to make a field jacket! Overall, a solid release.

    1. I liked the jumpsuit, too. I probably would wear it like once, though. :-/

  2. I must have that first dress! It's almost exactly like my favorite brown knit dress, which I got for Christopher's first birthday party. It's falling apart, but I can't let it go!

    1. Well, since the kid is 9, I think it's allowed to fall apart. Make a new one! We can be twinsies!!


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