Monday, January 12, 2015

What do I wear with my new skirt?

I made a blue skirt to wear to my niece/goddaughter's baptism.  Since my plans for a Christmas dress never worked out (see first photo), I thought this was a nice excuse for a pretty new skirt at least.  The fabric is blue silk I've had in my stash for eons.  I used every scrap to make a straight skirt with pleats and waistband and a big ol' bow... the jury is still out on that part. Hubs definitely doesn't "get" it.

Anyway, here is the failed X-mas dress, just for posterity.  The skirt fabric was left over from another project and it just turned out way too short, despite my measuring.  In the photo, the right half is hemmed.  I didn't even finish it.  The bodice is another eons-old stash silk, and the problem there is that I couldn't raise my arms at all.  Definitely needed gussets.  Oh well.

Enough stalling.  Here is my skirt, which I am happy with:

It is just some rectangles with large box pleats (like this one has at the center) and some smaller secondary pleats, and an invisible back zipper.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  That cream-colored sweater is what I was planning to wear with it, along with those booties.

But wait, I also remembered this skirt that Katherine (Bloom) made, and for some reason, that made me think I needed a big bow.  Bow on the skirt and bow on the sweater is a bit much, though, so now I'm going to march out in every possible top I own and solicit opinions.  Help!

Also, it started raining right after that first photo, so the backdrop goes downhill.  Okay, here goes.

The original, first option:

#2, but this shindig is in Philly next weekend, so really, the short sleeves won't cut it.  It was more to see another option for warmer weather.  Also trying some different shoes.  And BAM, there's the bow.

#3, the closest to the original sweater, but this one feels more casual with the button cuffs.  It's also more of an oatmeal color, and I'm not sure it works as well with the blue.

#4, I like this more than I thought I would.  What say you?

 Oh, and here is a side view.  I really like the side view.

Aaaand the back.  Matching pleats all the way around.

And yes, I'm a dork, but look how pretty!  Someone else is going to have to hold the baby during the baptism so that I can artfully arrange my skirt.

#5, This is more of a sweater than the previous one, which is like a glorified ribbed tee shirt.  I do kind of like this one, but I thought the bow would be too much with the cowl.

#6 And my Carolina Herrera-inspired look.  Trying some black booties, but I'm not feeling them.

I think I'm still partial to the first sweater, but I think the pumps are better than the booties.  I'm not opposed to getting a totally new top, but I'm running out of time.

Please help!  :-)  What looks best to you?

And a little WIW today.  An oldie but goodie.  It's a testament to the quality of the fabric that I can still wear this after (5!?) years in rotation.  The hem is getting stretched out, though.  It's definitely time to make another version.


  1. My favorite on you is the black cowl with NO bow. I'm not really digging the bow, but if you decide to wear it, wear it with confidence. ;-)

  2. I love number 2 and 4 and I say with the bow. It looks sensational and I don't usually like black on the top with a colour on the bottom. I don't even like blue.. but I love this. Not feeling the booties either but I don't normally like them anyway. Great job on the skirt and very inspired to think of the bow.

  3. I like the black cowl with no bow, or the previous black sweater WITH bow. Both are cute! I appreciate that you posted your Christmas dress attempt. It makes me feel good that someone who makes such awesome clothes is also not always on target! I tried to make a skirt the other night, loosely patterned after one of my favorite skirts, and it is cute but too small. MAYBE if I drop the extra 15 pounds I'm hauling around... The sad part is that it was from some beautiful fabric that a friend gave me from her mother's stash after her mom passed away, and now I feel like I've squandered the fabric! Oh well, I'll stick with my diet and see how it fits in a few months! I hope you enjoy your trip up north!

  4. I can't really decide on which look I like the most, but agree with you on the bow, it does bring an elegant level to the skirt!

  5. I like both with and without the great to have the versatility! #6 is my favourite, but it might not be the most comfortable for holding the baby and you may also have to worry about the baby drooling on your white top, so I would go for #4. The skirt is stunning, such a gorgeous colour.

  6. I like #1 and #2 best! I think it's great that you can get so many different looks out of one skirt! When I sew I tend to make these elaborate statement pieces that are very hard to match to other fact, I just spent about 2 weeks on a beautiful white coat, and I have nothing (NOTHING) to wear under it. I'm going to have to take a leaf from your book going forward, haha!


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