Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moondrop Feather Lace Cowl

I finally have another sewing project completed (why do I feel like it's been so long?), but first a pretty little knitted cowl.  

The pattern is the Feather Lace Cowl by Ewelina Murdoch, and it's free!  I found this simply by using the advanced pattern search in Ravelry, looking for a fingering-weight cowl using about 400 yards of yarn.  I'm so happy with the result.

I think the lace pattern looks much more complicated than it is.  It only has lace stitches every fourth row, so 3/4 of the knitting is stockinette in the round.  So simple, and I memorized the pattern very quickly.  I got a good start on this waiting for a delayed flight, and then I finished it on a short trip to visit family.
This was such an enjoyable knit!  The yarn is Voolenvine Yarns hand painted lush - a sockweight base.  Here is her Etsy shop.  The colorway is Moondrop, which she mentioned on her last videocast is very popular.  I'm not surprised!  I'm very happy with the yarn and the service.  I also didn't notice any bleeding of the colors when soaking the yarn for blocking.

For any non- or new knitters, I documented the blocking process.  :-)

Here is the finished cowl, pre-blocking.  Not so pretty.

 Soaking in some warm water for about 10 minutes

I blocked this on a towel, on top of a foam square that is really one of my kids' toys.

Getting the general shape.

...And fully pinned to make the pretty scalloped edge.


The only thing I'm not 100% in love with is the length.  I think it looks nice here, but I was messing with it all morning, so I eventually put a pin in it to hold it in place (above) and felt much more at ease.

It's perfect for a scarf/hood combo, if you're into that and don't live in Florida.

It's just a smidgen too tight for a double-wrap.  It looks like I'm being choked here, and it didn't feel great either.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the new Cowl Jenny, it's really pretty and can be used with a lot of different outfit options! You're also pretty funny, especially about the hoodie, LOL!!!

  2. Beautiful! I appreciate the blocking info...I wouldn't have known what you were talking about otherwise! :-)

    1. Awesome! Good to know I wasn't just talking to myself.


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