Monday, January 26, 2015

Simplicity 2245

My most recent sewing project is a second version of Simplicity 2245, an out-of-print Lisette pattern.  This time, I used a medium-weight cotton knit that feels a lot like a lighter weight sweatshirt.

Please bear with the photos - my 7-year-old took them inside last evening, so the quality is no fault of the photographer. :-)

 I cannot remember where I got this fabric.  I think it qualifies as "deep-stash."
 I went with the short-sleeve version for maximum wearability in Florida.  It did work nicely yesterday over a long-sleeved tee and leggings.  This was super-comfy and I still just LOVE these pockets.
 The only changes I made from the pattern was to shorten the length a bit and make the neck band narrower (and hence, the neckline is wider).  It really it is a tunic-length - I couldn't wear this without leggings - and it would also work as a swimsuit cover-up.  I also omitted the vent and button at the neckline.
Overall, I think this turned out as a great weekend sweatshirt alternative.  It is cute and VERY comfy, and the pockets are perfect for stashing my iPod to listen to podcasts.


  1. That is very cute, Jenny! I have a tunic (rtw) just like that and wear it all the time over skinny pants and a longsleeve tee. I was wondering whether to sew one up as a replacement (I think I have an Ottobre pattern that would work), so this is a timely reminder!

  2. I like it - looks super comfy! I clicked on the previous version, and enjoyed a few early-morning giggles while reading your write-up. I like that one, too! :-)

    1. Haha, yeah, that one is... interesting. :-) I feel much less eccentric wearing this one.


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