Sunday, June 8, 2014

SouthShore Handmade Podcast - Episode 3

Great news - I figured out how to work my microphone, so the sound quality is better this time.  Next time, I need to sit a bit further away since you can hear all of my heavy breathing!


You can download the podcast on iTunes as well for listening while sewing.

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  1. I can't believe you called out sock knitting like that - don't you know about the sock knitting mafia?! It's been nice knowing you! At the risk of being called Nana, that yarn would make nice dishcloths if it's all cotton. I love handmade dishcloths. I would love to do an interview with my famous sister, but I will warn you that despite constantly trying to escape them, I really have nothing but my kids to talk about.

  2. Thanks Ms. Jenny for the reference to my blog! I truly had a lot of fun too and can't wait for out fabric shopping outing! I didn't know you were shy, so am I but you couldn't tell that by the discussions going on at our dinner table! LOL! I could not imagine having to pack for a 4 week hubby says I over pack just for a weekend

  3. the way, you're a brave soul opening Twitter and Instagram accounts! You must have great time management skills! Good luck with them and enjoy your vacation!

  4. Myra, I'm good at over-compensating for the shyness. :-) It's easy to keep up with the social media at this point - I only have about 4 "friends" there.


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