Saturday, June 14, 2014

Simplicity 2226

Looky looky at my artistic photos!!  Are you impressed?  :-)  The boys and I are hanging out in Ohio at my in-laws' farm.  I brought the camera down to the stream to take photos of the boys playing, and I had Paul snap some of me and my skirt.

 This skirt isn't really new but it's newly wearable.  I made it probably close to a year ago, but it turned out just too big... which I noticed after I top-stitched down the waistband.  I told myself I would just belt it tight, but it was never comfortable, so right before our trip, I ripped out all the needed seams and took it in.  Now, it's perfect!

 The fabric is so fun.  It is a cotton a friend sent to me from Hawaii.  I always mean to make some tops to wear with it but haven't yet.  I found this little sweater in my closet looks nice, though!
The pattern, Simplicity 2226, came together easily.  I doubt I'll make this pattern again, though.  I think the gathered skirt just isn't my best look, thought I do adore the pockets for my hands and my iPod.  :-)

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  1. You skirt is so pretty! I also resist alterations on my finished pieces... Why? Your hair looks great in the artistic photo :-) !


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