Monday, June 2, 2014

SouthShore Handmade Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to my first ever podcast!  I hope you enjoy it.  As soon as it is up on iTunes, I will update.

UPDATE:  The podcast is now available on iTunes: 

Show Notes

Where I live - SouthShore
Favorite Sewing Podcasts - Fluffy Fibers
                                        Trenabdc by Cidell and Trena 

McCalls 6713
Applique decoration:

Textured Stitches - Gioielli Gloves

My LYS - Brandon Yarn Boutique

Vintage Knits - Short-sleeved Lace Sweater with Ribbons

Interweave Knits Summer 2014 - Ocracoke Cardigan

Etsy - SouthShore Handmade
JennyAnne on Ravelry, Artisan's Square, and Pattern Review

Here is a look at my Trim Tank pattern.

Which of the red lace stitch patterns do you prefer?


  1. I'll be reading here (and listening to your Podcast as soon as I have time!). You seem to have an abundance of projects and ideas. I love the bottom knit lace pattern, but they're both gorgeous!


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