Sunday, May 14, 2017

McCalls 7429

This is version 2 of McCalls 7429, actually in the full-length dress this time.  The first time I made this pattern, I found the skirt portion too short and tight, so I modified it to be a tunic.  This time, I lengthened the skirt pieces and cut the sides more A-line shaped to compensate.  

I started out by cutting the sleeves long, figuring I could adjust them when the rest of the dress was finished.  I decided that with the long sleeves, it was just too much white, but I did like the look of longer sleeves, so instead of cutting them short, I went with 3/4.

The fabric is a white cotton ponte from Pennie Fabrics in Sarasota, but white ponte isn't hard to find online.  

I am not sure about the hem.  The knot pulls the hem all different ways.  Sometimes it looks like the outer wrap is too long, but a little adjustment fixes it.  I am leaving it as is for now, but if I find that I am constantly having to adjust, I will just redo the hem.

When I envisioned this dress in white in my head, I thought it would be so classic and classy, and it is.  I wanted it to hit at the bottom of my knee, which it does.  It is form-fitting, but doesn't show a lot of skin.  Then, the first time I wore it, I noticed THIS as I walked through a parking lot...

Yeah, there is nothing to be done.  That wrap is at the just the right spot to show a LOT of leg when walking.  :-)
Here is a closeup of the knot detail.

I constructed almost all of this dress on my serger and coverstitch machines that I received for Christmas.  It was awesome!  It goes without saying that you don't need either type of machine to make this dress, though.  In fact, I made my first red tunic version before I had either one.

I hope all the moms out there have a great Mothers' Day!


  1. What a pretty dresss! So classic in white. Showing a lot of leg seems just right on a sunny Summer day!

  2. This is a terrific dress! To address the leg showing, I guess you could add a panel and make a faux wrap to the side.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. That is an idea. I'm just living with the leg for now and holding it closed when the function demands. :-)

  3. You sure are productive! Guess you unpacked that machine until the move! My MIL lives in Macungie PA. Will you be near your family ?
    You may be closer to fabric stores!

    1. Oh Ruth, I actually had this dress 95% finished months ago. I just dragged out the coverstitch to finish it up. :-) I still haven't been sewing much for me, but luckily have a bit of backlogged projects to blog about.


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