Saturday, May 20, 2017

Estonia in Ewe2Yarn Iceberg

Hello!  We have less than one week left until we officially leave Florida.  Things are, of course, a bit nutso here, but very exciting, too.  I finished this sweater a few weeks ago and am loving how soft and cozy it is.  

The pattern is Estonia by Vera Sanon.  It is a basic top-down raglan (no more of those for me in cardigan form, but a pullover is ok) in stockinette stitch.  The interesting detail is the Estonian Braid at the neckline.  The pattern also uses this stitch for the cuffs and hem, but I used simple 1x1 rib for those areas.

The fit of this is great - form-fitting but not tight.  The sample is shown in a semi-solid tonal yarn, so that is what I used, although it does look more variegated than I expected.  My yarn is Ewe2Yarn  100% merino in a colorway called "Iceberg."

Here is a better look at the Estonian Braid neckline.  It was less fiddly to knit than I expected.


  1. Really beautiful and fits you perfectly! I'm off to check out this pattern on Ravelry, thanks for the review!

  2. Perfect fit and TDF yarn! It's really pretty too.

  3. I bet you'll be glad to be somewhere you can wear all your lovely knitted things more often! Hope it goes smoothly... We are about 3 weeks behind y'all, move-wise.

  4. Wow! I REALLY love this sweater on you (and by itself too!). It's just plain gorgeous!! I've been so busy, I have had a chance to do one of my favorite blogs! You have been very busy lady! I see there's a few posts I'm behind on for you and some GORGEOUS dresses! I know I won't get to see you before you go, so have a safe trip and good luck to you! We'll still be talking and when I visit, I definitely will call you!


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