Friday, May 29, 2015

Podcast 12: Update

I don't know why I was so scratchy this week.  I'm not sick.  I guess I should have had some water instead of coffee.  :-)


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Goodies -  I talked about the Woolful podcast and the newer podcasts aren't an hour and a half long.  The newer ones are all less than a hour.
                      Some Balance Yarn in the Butterstone color is on its way to my house

Sewing - no progress on Marfy 2779
                 Simplicity 1355

                 The fabric is a stretch cotton from Pennie Fabrics
                 I mentioned Pattern Review
                 Alabama Chanin

Knitting - Hitofude Cardigan in Malabrigo Mechita
                  Verdure Shawlette by Isabelle of Fluffy Fibers

Living Handmade - Me Made May
                  My grandma's Bleeding Hearts look like this:

                  Mine look like this:
                  And the smaller plant I hacked up accidentally has these beautiful blooms:

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