Friday, July 18, 2014

Some Fall Inspiration

It's going to be about 95 degrees here today and swimming in humidity, so of course I spent some time this morning looking at fall clothes (which are actually "dead of winter" clothes for me here in the tropics of Florida).  Here are some favorites:

This is called a Knit Moto Jacket and looks great for an extra layer when it's chilly or even as a sweater stand-in on cold days.

I have a white skirt that hits below the knees that I LOVE.  I'm curious how I'd like something similar with pleats.

I also have some slim ponte pants that I love equally to the skirt mentioned above.  I baby them like nothing else in my closet since I'm afraid of ruining them.  I'd love to be able to make something similar if I can find a great quality ponte that won't pill badly.  I like the zip pockets on these, but I don't know how much you would see them since I usually wear my tops out over my pants.

This top reminds me of this free pattern.  How perfect!  I would probably wear this to death, and I even have some suede scraps for the elbow patches.

Finally, there is this Kate Spade sweater.  I like the less traditional color blocking with the contrast neckline.  

What are you anxious to wear this fall?

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  1. All great picks, Jenny! Check out Emma One Sock for great bottomweight Ponte. If you email them with your pattern selection, they can steer you toward an excellent quality Ponte for that purpose. They are very helpful, and they swatch.


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