Monday, July 14, 2014

McCalls 6707

Here are some fun cropped trousers I made a couple months ago (for the botched SWAP contest, but oh well).  These are all photos I took to submit for the contest (and then forgot to!) but I have to say, I prefer them with a white tank that my mom happened to give me recently.

The pattern is McCalls 6707, and the fit on these is quite great, I have to say, and I did no big alterations.  Just took them in a smidge at the waist.
 These have a cute waistband detail, but I just don't like them with a shirt tucked in.  I don't have a tiny waist (not complaining... very happy with myself... etc. etc...), and prefer not to highlight that part of my body.  I blogged about the orange top here.
 This top is Vogue 1259, here.

 All in all a success in my book, that I'll be able to wear easily into fall.  I definitely recommend this pattern.  The fabric is from JoAnns, a plain gray twill and one of their "fashion bottomweights," I think, but I can't find it online anymore.
 This sweater is blogged about here.


  1. I'd say a success! Great looking pant.

  2. Thanks for your review. I have this pattern but was a bit scared to cut yet another piece of fabric after recently using 2 pants patterns requiring massive alterations to achieve a barely acceptable fit (that kind of sewing isn't fun!). Your review has eased my fears as we appear to have similar body types and height.


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