Monday, October 30, 2017

Vogue 1517 pants in stretch faux suede

More crazy lighting.  It looks like I took these photos on the surface of the sun or something, not a shady spot in the backyard!  Anyway, the pants are black (not navy) and the sweater is lavender (not white).  The cowl is detailed here.

These pants are Vogue 1517 from last fall.  I have finished the jacket, also, which I started waaaay before these pants.  I think I finished it not long before the move, so you know how that goes... Pics of that coming soon.

I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this fabulous fabric.  I thought it was but I can't find it in my order history.  I don't think it was Pennie Fabrics in Florida.  Maybe it was from  I'm not sure.  Anyway, it is a great stretchy faux suede.  It has just enough stretch for these pull-on pants.  I think the fit of mine turned out pretty spot-on to the fit on the model.

I usually lengthen my pants by a few inches, but I forgot on these.  When they were finished, I decided they were a smidge shorter than I wanted so I added a little cuff on the bottom.  This turned out really well.  The fabric holds a fold beautifully, so I can leave them unrolled, cuff them up, or roll them halfway, so they go with any shoes I might want to wear.  In these photos, they are half-cuffed - rolled up just enough to cover the seam.

The fit on these is quite good.  I always have good luck with Vogue pants.  They are a little wrinkly, but I don't think you can avoid that with a close-fitting pant.

I am very happy with the fit from the side view - no bagging under the butt or in the crotch region.

My only dislike about these is the narrow waistband.  I find myself hiking them up quite a bit, and I think that could be improved with a wider elastic waistband.  Of course, this is something that I could fix in 30 minutes, and who knows, maybe I will, but they are fine for now.

I tried to get a nice view of the vertical seaming and top-stitching.  This is the best I got.

These pants fit right in my wardrobe.  I am still a big fan of skinny pant and long tops.  I am trying to come around to the "new" silhouette of roomier pants, but you know me - I'll always be a few years behind.

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