Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cascade Falls Cardigan knit in Rowan Merino dk

Ever since I finished my Georgetown Cardigan in light gray, I have wanted a similar open cardigan in dark gray, because one gray open cardigan is never nearly enough!

I considered designing my perfect cardigan - set-in sleeves, open front, longish length, and a pretty cable right at the opening.  Then, after an exhaustive Ravelry search of the pattern options already out there, I found exactly what I was looking for:  Cascade Falls by Amanda Scheuzger.

My cardigan is very close to the original pattern.  I just changed the construction a bit.  It is designed nearly seamlessly, with the body worked bottom-up in one piece, and the sleeves picked up and knit down.  With this heavy merino dk yarn, though, I wanted the strength of seams to help it keep its shape, so I knit this in pieces and sewed them together.  My sleeves are, as always, several inches longer than the design.  After blocking, they grew even more in length, so now I have the unusual (for me) luxury of fold-up cuffs!

The gorgeous, soft yarn is Rowan Super Fine Merino dk, which appears to be discontinued.  That is a crying shame as this is a lovely mid-weight merino.  Yes, I am sure it will pill.  Most soft yarns do.  However, I will be ready with my de-pill-er, and it is an inconvenience I can live with for next-to-skin softness.

You can still find Rowan Merino dk at various online shops, but I can't find this color, Suit, anywhere.


  1. I love open cardigans, and this one is lovely, the color, the design, the yarn. Wear it in good health!

  2. Oooh, pretty! It's plain enough to go with everything but has a bit of visual interest in the front.

  3. It is indeed lovely! Thanks for sharing your thought processes, particularly why you added seams at the sleeves... I have s few scarves but thinking about a vest, to dip my toe in the knitting pool

  4. This is absolutely adorable Ms. Jenny!! I love the color and the style of this cardi very much and you've inspired me to get back to some yarn work! Hopefully, you'll see something very soon on my blog too!


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