Monday, September 11, 2017

Sweater Decisions

The weather is turning here.  It has not been a hot summer, and the leaves are already falling.  Having just finished a nice cardi (photo evidence to come soon), my thoughts are turning to the perfect fall/winter pullover.  I am wanting something a bit over-sized (at least compared to my usual body-con picks) and textured.  I have been all over the Brooklyn Tweed site checking out the patterns and have narrowed down my options.  Of course, their new patterns for fall drop in a few days, so I won't be making my final decision until I see those options, too.  :-)  What do you think?

(All pics are from Ravelry, and links take you to the Brooklyn Tweed site.)

This one calls to my dramatic side, but are those sleeves tooooo dramatic?

An interesting, but classic sweater.  I won't have to worry about this one going out of style.

This one looks so easy to wear but not boring, and I love a good cowl neck.

This is probably the one I'm most viscerally drawn to (is it healthy to be viscerally drawn to a sweater?).  The diagonal cables lend some drama, and the construction sounds interesting.

Another nice classic in a cozy shape.

I have had this one on my radar for years.  Maybe this isn't the exact shape I'm pining for at the moment, but I do see this in my future.

The last two options are more ponchos than sweater, and I already have one BT poncho.  How many does a girl really need?  These are so gorgeous, though!

What do you think?  Are any of these screaming out at you?


  1. How's Pennsylvania? It's weather will definitely influence your sweater decisions! I vote for the Hudson. It's a class design that will always be flattering even if you gain/lose a few pounds over the years. Those vertical ribs are very sleek and flattering. But I am a classic clothes lover, so don't let me influence you. I just do not like oversized sweaters. I feel and look like I am wearing a blanket in them, and I usually find them too hot. The Hudson is now on my radar!

  2. My view on the whole dramatic sleeve thing is: you'd better not have young kids or need to do practical things during the day. I really like the last one you posted. The collar is dramatic without being impractical, and I love the texture. I find the Riptide kind of strange with the bust tucks, and the other ones look like something easily purchased. Although I don't have your long arms so maybe they're not so easily purchased for you.

  3. Bracondale!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHH SO PRETTY! And it looks like you could still layer with it if you needed to, where some of your sleeve options would make that tougher.

  4. I love Keaton and Hudson (but I'm a minimalist and I like them for me bwaaa haaaa haaa!) Seriously I haven't seen either pattern before and now I want them both.


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