Friday, June 17, 2016

Simplicity 1355 in Rayon Cotton print from Mood Fabrics

I have wanted to make a second version of Simplicity 1355 since I made the first one last summer.  I thought that the pattern would really sing in a lighter weight fabric, and I think I was right.  :-)

The fabric is a Rayon/Cotton poplin from Mood Fabrics in a navy and white geometric print.  I love this fabric!  As soon as I saw it on the site, it had to become this romper.  The only downside to the fabric is that the garment requires a quick ironing after coming out of the dryer, but my tolerance for ironing has gone up in recent years.

This thing is just so comfortable and cool for summer.  Hubs is a bit dubious about the whole romper/jumpsuit genre of clothing, but whatever.  After 12 years of marriage, we can agree to disagree on this.  I figure it's just like a dress but more casual and easier to sit on the ground to play Legos or cut out another sewing project!

 I made two changes to the pattern for this version.  First, I raised the back to cover my bra.  To do this, I laid out my back pattern piece on my fabric.  Then, I marked the intersection of the center back and the armhole depth. Finally, I made a straight line through the top of the back piece (where the back attaches to the shoulder strap, minus seam allowance) through the new mark, and down to the bottom of the piece.  This makes a wider overlap, but that is fine with me.  I also tacked the backs together where they cross.

The second change I made was to use a drawstring waist instead of elastic.  I like the adjust-ability of the drawstring and the style of the ties.  I'd like to add some wooden beads to the ends of the ties for a little pizzazz but need to get some with big enough holes.  I made little fabric tubes for the visible ends of the ties, but for easier sliding in the casing, I used some silk cording for the hidden part.  One of my cleverer ideas, I think.  The only change needed from the pattern was to make to little buttonholes in the garment-side of the casing for the ties to poke through.

Here is a detail shot of the shoulder.  I really like this pleated detail, which is very similar to Simplicity 1810 but with one tuck instead of two.  If you can't find that out of print pattern, this would be a good starting point for a recreation of that dress.


  1. This is super cute! My husband had the opposite reaction - he told me my shorts jumpsuit was sexy (???). So I haven't worn it yet because I don't want other men looking at me thinking that. Sounds like not all men have the same reaction lol.

  2. Very cute! Looks perfect for a fun summer day!

  3. Great pattern changes! Such a fun summer outfit

  4. Such I lovely romper, the shoulder pleat is gorgeous and so is your fabric, wish we had a Mood over here in England


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