Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart (with modifications)

I have so many projects to share!  I took pictures of 5 other things at the same time as this, and I have a couple more that I still need to photograph.  I've been on a roll! :-)

This is the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I was really drawn to the simplicity of this pattern.  Plus, it was free when you sign up for some shawl workshop emails from her, so bonus!  I can't say I learned a bunch of new things from the emails, but I can see how they would be helpful for newer knitters, and again... they are free!

I knew I wanted to use a beautiful sky-blue skein of Anzula Cricket that I had picked up at a local yarn shop, but there wasn't enough for a whole project.  I went shopping at Roxy's Yarns, a new store in Tampa, for something to coordinate, and I settled on a pale gray semi-solid from The Fiber Seed.  I had heard of The Fiber Seed before, but I didn't know that the dyer lives in Tampa!

 I like how the dk-weight blue pops out a bit from the fingering-weight gray.  This was a very relaxing knit, which is nice sometimes.  My Ravelry project page is here, and I included more info on how I modified the pattern for two colors, if you are interested.

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  1. It's beautiful! Love the way the blue yarn pops! You're so talented! :-)


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