Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Option Flats from The Knitted Slipper Book and Me Made May 6-10

This was one of the best projects ever - super quick, used up really old stash yarn, super cute and useful!  I wear these little slippers all the time!  This is from The Knitted Slipper Book.  I checked the book out from my local library, but I don't want to take it back.  I think I am going to have to buy it.  There are 30 projects (not even counting variations within those projects) in this book, all slippers.  I want to make at least 15 of them.

These are the Option Flats, which are felted.  Obviously, I went with the bow option, but I am totally making Tinkerbell shoes lookalikes with green flats and big white pom poms.  That is happening.

The fit of these is perfect.  They cup the heel and do not slide off while walking.  There are detailed instructions in the book for different types of soles for the slippers, but I just left these without any special sole.  I don't slip around much.  I want to make the clogs, though, and add leather soles.

The yarn is 100% wool from Elann.com, bought back when I lived in Germany, so at least 7 years ago. I wear slippers around the house a lot.  You can see these are already covered in dog hair, and I don't care.  Love these slippers!

This is my me-made outfit from last Friday, the 6th.  The shorts are McCalls 5857 and the top is one I copied from a RTW top.  I can't find a blog post about it, but I cut apart a ready-to-wear top that I loved to death and copied it, right down to the color.

Saturday, I wore my Vogue 1259 knit top and my Spectrum shawl to soccer.

Sunday (8th), I wore my white Marbella dress with this cowl for church.

This was yesterday (the 9th):  The pink top is my Itch to Stitch Idyllwild, and the shorts are RTW, but I have some white shorts fabric ready to be cut out, so I hopefully don't have to wear these stained and wrinkle-prone ones much longer.

Today (10th), I wore the results of this pile of fabrics combined with Simplicity 8059.  Blog post coming soon.


  1. I love to wear slippers too and have made some sewn ones and crocheted ones. The felted ones look brilliant and I love the bows! Apart from the fact I don't wear shorts so much and wear different colours to you .... I would love your wardrobe!

  2. LOVE the slippers! Super cute!!

  3. Those are the coolest slippers Jenny!! Your MMM clothing options are lovely! I really like the copied RTW top and shorts a lot!! I too like copying RTW favorites!


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