Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scoop-necked Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

This top is mostly the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, offered free from Purl Soho.
I quickly realized I probably didn't have enough yarn for the whole top, though, so I added a deep scoop neck and left it a bit shorter than I would have otherwise.
 As seems to be the case often lately, this turned out a little bigger than I had planned.  I really need to size down and allow the knitted fabric to stretch with my body.  I think I was spooked by this top, which is a bit snug.
 Anyway, I like how it looks layered over a longer cami.  I wore it today with these cropped pants. I've been avoiding wearing these pants since one of the waistband hooks had come loose.  5 minutes and I fixed that.  I forgot how much I like the fit of these and the fact that they stay up.  This would have been a perfect Me-Made-May outfit.  :-)
 I really enjoy the feel of this cotton, Bio-Sesia.  It is very soft, not that crisp, straw-like feel I sometimes associate with 100% cotton yarn.  This is super comfortable to wear and really feels like a tee shirt.  I would definitely knit another top out of this.  The only downside was that it was a bit split-y, meaning that it was easy to split the yarn when making a knit stitch - not good.
 The lattice section is very easy and lovely.  I'd like to make another version of this top, more fitted and longer, with the boat neck as designed.  I just need to get more yarn next time!


  1. I love this sweater!! The whole outfit is perfect...did you make the pants? I find it funny that you haven't been wearing them because they needed a 5-minute fix; I do the same thing! :-)

  2. Lisa, yes I made the pants. I don't like mending even the things that I made in the first place!

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