Thursday, April 16, 2015

Short-Sleeved Cardi copied from RTW

For this cardi, I used a ready-to-wear, long-sleeved jersey cardigan as a pattern.  I didn't cut it apart.  I just folded each section in half, laid it on my fabric, and added a seam allowance while cutting.  It is just one back, cut on the fold, two fronts, and two sleeves.  The only tricky part was getting the back neck collar area (attached to the fronts) just right.  I just laid it out as flat as I could and it turned out fine.

 My 8-year-old photographer helped me out again.  Still need to get a new tripod!
The fabric is from Pennie Fabrics in Sarasota.  It's a slightly sheer cotton knit.  Lovely.  I wish Nasir had it in some more colors!  The only part of this piece that I'm not 100% happy with is the hem.  It is a bit wobbly.  I didn't interface it at all as the fabric is very lightweight.  Do you think it would have helped to use a very lightweight fusible or a tear-away stabilizer maybe?  Ideas?
After the cardi was complete, it felt a little bit dowdy for some reason, and I determined it was the length of the short sleeves.  I made the little sleeve tabs and tacked them on with buttons.  Much better.  It needed a little interest.
I can't tell you how to go forth and make this for yourself because I didn't use a pattern, but maybe it will inspire you to look through your closet for a simple garment you love that you can easily reproduce without even taking it apart!  


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    1. Thanks! I love a little sleeve tab for a little interest. Definitely not my first ones. :-)

  2. Very cute - and the sleeve tab detail is great!

    My sewing teacher is big on making your own patterns from your favorite pieces. I copied my favorite nightgown, but haven't finished it because I didn't have enough material for the sleeves. I ordered what thought was the right stuff on line, but it turned out to be polyester vs cotton, so I returned it and decided to wait til I'm on the Mainland to find the right fabric!

    I made a pattern from my husband's favorite Aloha shirt last weekend. My teacher looked it over last night and made a few adjustments...3 to be exact. I was super excited that I had almost gotten it right, LOL! I don't want to ruin good fabric, so I'm going to make a muslin shirt first. I cut it out last night and hope to get it sewed up to the collar before our final sewing class next week.

    1. I'm impressed by you sewing for your husband. I've never made mine anything but pajama pants. Too lazy and selfish

  3. Hmmm, I think that sounds like a very good idea to try stabilizing the hem on a lightweight knit. I've used steam-a-seam successfully in the past.

  4. Great job - I haven't done much of this. Makes me wonder about a cardigan I have in the cupboard.


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