Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pattern Picks and Pattern Purchases

I'm in the middle of a big crafting organization.  I've been going through the house during the past two weeks, sorting through everything in each room and really getting organized.  My method of attack is pretending that we are about to move.  If it wouldn't come on the moving truck, it doesn't stay.  I've donated bags of clothing and toys and now it's time for the guest room / crafting storage area.

I have my sewing machine in the office and my current knitting projects in a basket in my bedroom, but any overflow (fabric, yarn, paper crafting supplies) are stuffed into closets, under beds, and in guest room drawers.  Last year, I really culled my yarn stash and have been thoughtful about purchases since then, so I don't plan to donate any more.  Fabric, patterns, and paper craft supplies, though, are another story.  I haven't gone through them in, oh, ever, and there is plenty that just doesn't need to be in my house any more.

So as I go upstairs and continue the purge, here is some of my current inspiration, i.e., new patterns!

Vogue summer patterns just came out, and I'm not as in love as I was with the spring offerings.  These are the ones I may buy at some point, but I'm not rushing out to to the fabric store for them.

Vogue 1449, by Rebecca Taylor, is the only designer offering that interested me.  It would need some adjustment (about 4 more inches on the skirt), but the lines are different, and the skirt portion is fun with the big pleats.

Vogue 1452, by Sandra Betzina, has a cute top.  I would narrow that shoulder strap to be the same width as the other.  I like the split hem detail and rouching.

That top stitching at the neckline, though... I'd go for invisible stitching inside.

Claire Shaeffer has a new Custom Couture jacket pattern, Vogue 9099.  
Very nice, but I have a very similar style that was discontinued... complete with half finished jacket in need of a lining.  

I'm thinking about Vogue 9109, but I could cobble it together with little trouble from patterns I already have.

What I'm really excited about is the three Marfy patterns on their way to my house.

I got Marfy 3443 to make this spring for a wedding that I now won't be able to attend.  I'm still excited to make the dress, though, and have a beautiful silk chiffon and silk charmeuse all ready for underlining.  I'm even going to make a muslin.  Will wonders never cease?

Since I ordered that pattern, I had to get a couple more, right?  I also ordered Marfy 2762 to satisfy my jacket love with something a bit more suitable for Florida.  I find it hilarious that the suggested fabric is "viscose in an ethnic print."  Specific enough?  I'll go with linen or cotton, I think.  Sorry, designer.

My last pattern is Marfy 2779 because, well, because I like it, in this tunic length or lengthened into a dress.

I also bought some Simplicity patterns a few weeks ago, but I think this post is long enough already.  They'll just have to wait.

Happy spring cleaning to all!


  1. I wasn't too in love with the new Vogues either. I like the dress you posted, although I plan to eliminate the contrasting neckline binding and lower the "V" in the front to under the bustline. I also like that white Rebecca Taylor dress with all the pleating and the interesting back. I see a lot of people buying the pattern but not many making it up. It will really be a challenge. I also plan to buy that Tracy Reese pattern with the lace overlays and fitted bodice/high-low hemline. It looks like it came right off a runway. Otherwise I am not in love with the other stuff. And I too found a lot to love with the spring patterns so perhaps it's good for my stash not to be purchasing too many new ones. Oh! And that Marfy jacket pattern you got I've had my eyes on for a while and I hope you make it up soon.

    1. I didn't even see all those tucks on the Rebecca Taylor dress. Wow! Definitely a time investment. I went through all of my patterns this morning, and I have so many ideas now. I have to get to the sewing machine so I'm ready when the Marfys get here!


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