Wednesday, April 22, 2015

McCalls Pattern Picks Summer 2015

Summer McCalls are on the website.  It looks like there are a lot of good basic summer dress shapes, which is great.  I already have the basics in my pattern boxes, though. so there are only a few that I'm eyeing.

M7161 is what I'd call a pretty basic shape, but I still would like to get my hands on it.  I like the slit on the long length and like the idea of a maxi dress in something other than a knit fabric.

M7158 is another long woven dress I wouldn't mind having in my closet.

M7152 is super cute.  I have been wearing tons of dresses and skirts lately.  I love the button detail at the shoulders.  I'd like to make this with a solid at the shoulders and stripes below, but lots of combos would be nice.

M7162  Tell me - are peplum tops still "in?"  The fact that I really like this one tells me that they are  probably on the way "out" since I'm generally a year or two behind the curve.

I really want to like M7155 but It's a bit wide for me.  I'll be anxious to see some made up.  Views A and C are my favorites.  No ruffles, please.
M7165 looks like a nice shorts pattern.  I don't really need one at the minute, though.

I am always drawn to swimwear patterns, although I have yet to make a wearable swimsuit.  M7168 is really cute.  Another I'll hold off purchasing until I see some made up on Pattern Review.
M7174 intrigues me.  I want to see how these pillows are made.  Very impressive, McCall.

Finally, there are two girls' patterns that I'll try to pick up for possible niece sewing. Very cute!

and M7142


  1. Some nice patterns there. I don't know if peplums are still in or not.. I love a peplum and made and wore them when I was younger. I don't wear t hem now but I think they look good on some people. The cushions my Mum used to make over 30 years ago. She worked it out one day and just kept making them and giving them away. She just measured up squares along the middle of the fabric and then picked up one corner and hand sewed it to another corner then sewed it up and pleated the outer edges. I always loved those cushions.

    1. Wow, the pillows are sounding complicated. Good for your mom! I didn't even realize it was an older look made new again.

  2. Jenny, those pillows intrigue me as well. My grandmother had a round pillow just like the one pictured. I would love to figure out how it's made as well. Smocking

  3. "The fact that I really like this one tells me that they are probably on the way "out" since I'm generally a year or two behind the curve."

    Hahaha, totally me! That IS a cute top, and I love the first dress as well. If it's made from a woven fabric, does that mean there's very little stretch?

  4. My grandma had some cushions like these. They are made using Canadian Smocking. You can google the technique and find some very well written tutorials - the ladies over at IndusLadies have produced some fabulous work. And it looks to fairly quick, without lots of really tiny stitches


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