Monday, November 17, 2014

Rook Sweater

This is Brooklyn Tweed's Rook pattern by Kyoko Nakayoshi.  It's from the Wool People 6 collection.  The architectural cables and stockinette stitch body appealed to me.  I'll be honest, though.  I'm not 100% happy with my fit.  I have about a 35" bust, and the size options are 35.25" or 38.75".  I went with the larger size, and the fit is a little roomier than I would prefer.

The other issue is I'm not totally happy with the yarn.  I explained how I came to have this yarn on my latest podcast episode.  The short version is I ordered it for something else from my LYS and gave it up for lost when I didn't get a call.  After I bought different yarn for the original project, this came in, so I purchased enough for a sweater for me.  It's actually the exact same yarn that I used for this sweater, but I'm not as happy this time around.  I feel like the acrylic content (52%) is much more obvious on this version for some reason.

Here you can see that there is plenty of room in the arms and bust area.

The fit on the model is a bit more streamlined, and I'd love to make a 100% wool version in an earthy color like the example as well.  I could also see this in a wool/cotton blend with 3/4 sleeves for a less warm option.  The silver lining here is that the high temperature tomorrow is in the 50s (what??), so this will keep me nice and cozy!

Oh, I got the original inspiration for a cabled, bright pastel sweater here, and I'd still rather have her Zara sweater, which is never a good feeling. :-(  


  1. It's cute, but I see what you're saying about the extra space! I bet it came in handy during the recent "cold snap"!

  2. Yes I can see where it is a little more roomy in the areas you noted, but I think this is a GREAT first attempt!! I love the color you selected and it so darn close to that Zara sweater! I would trying it again, making your alterations and my guess it will be perfect! I still like it though and would definitely wear it with pride!


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