Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lavender Wardrobe Craving

I make most of my clothes these days, between sewing and knitting.  It has just slowly evolved that way.  However, things I do not make and have no qualms about buying include:

       * Jeans
       * Undergarments
       * Layering Camis
       * Fine-gauge knitwear

Of course, sometimes I buy other things, too.  Don't get me wrong.  It's just I experience handmaker's guilt with those.

A few days ago, I was on the J Crew website buying a suit for my big man (First Communion coming up!), and I just couldn't help but surf around the ladies sale section.  Extra 40% off, don't ya know.  Merino ribbed sweater for $20?  Fine-gauge knitwear - check.  Yes, please.  I've been craving more lavender in my wardrobe, so that's the color I went with (vintage lilac to be precise).  It arrived crazy fast.  Apparently the extra holiday delivery helpers have arrived but not the extra holiday deliveries yet.

Imagine my shock to read this yesterday morning.  Turns out my lavender desire is just the subliminal messaging of Derek Lam and the fashion world.  Oh well.  Here is my Lilac/Toffee/White fashion from yesterday.

(Of course, right after the photos, those shoes were replaced with flats.  I hada sick kid/photographer at home.  Don't judge me.)

Now I have to get to the lavender sweater knit fabric that's dying to become an open cardigan.  Of course, I'll need to find a lavender cami to wear under it.  No guilt there.

** Whenever I mention a brand or company, I feel the need to say that I am not affiliated or getting paid or anything.  So yeah, J Crew has no idea who I am, but if they want to throw some money my way, I would not say "no."  ;-)

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  1. I love this sweater Jenny and I love the way you paired it too! I can't wait until the RTW fast is over next month, because I love purchasing occasional pieces like this too! Great selection!


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