Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pennie Fabrics

I'm going to Pennie's today... I'm going to Pennie's today (singing a little song in my head).

Pennie Fabrics is an INCREDIBLE fabric store in Sarasota, less than an hour drive away from my house.  Now, if you live near NYC or LONDON, it might not impress you, but here in Florida, it is the garment sewing mecca (according to me anyway).

Got to go get dressed in a creation from the fabric purchased on my last trip...

* I would LOVE to link you to a website, but Nasir doesn't have one (hopefully just not YET, anyway).


  1. Love it! See you later Jenny!!

  2. ...and we had a great time and bought lots a fabric too! Can't wait to see all your wonderful fabrics sewn up! Especially that beautiful "panel" skirt! Good Luck!


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