Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holiday 2014 Vogue Pattern Picks

The "holiday" Vogue patterns are up!  I'm more excited about this collection than I have been in a while.  Here are the ones I'll probably be purchasing (not in the market for any evening gowns, sorry).

I already have this Kay Ungar pattern, but I like how they used the edge of the lace on this one.  I like the dark lace on the light fabric, too.  The hem is making my eyes twitch, though...  Why is it hanging down in the middle?  It looks better in the photo of the back.  I'd also consider a wider boat neckline so the back zip could be moved to the side seam and the back bodice wouldn't have a seam in the lace.

Ok, let's be honest. This designer dress isn't lighting anyone on fire.  The line drawing is very basic.  That fabric makes the simple lines sing, though, so I couldn't help but include it.  If I found a great similar fabric, though, I'd probably just use it with a very similar pattern I already have (Vogue 8766).  The pattern description does suggest embellishing the fabric with beads (the black centers of the flowers here), and there is some hidden construction underneath (organza in the skirt and stretch mesh in the bodice), so it might be worth taking a look.

This a is a Claire Schaeffer Custom Couture design, so you just know you're going to learn a lot from the instructions.  This will be beautiful for spring in something flowy.  One of the suggested fabrics is silk jersey.  I'm sure that would be gorgeous, but the though of marking and sewing those pleats on a stretchy fabric is scary!  I'll stick with a silk woven for this one.

The lines on this design are interesting.  I like the fuller skirt option, and I like the proportions with the long sleeves.  I'm picturing this in a nice ponte for winter.  Cozy!

This one is really cute, but not really a winter dress in my mind.  Great for spring and summer, though!  Maybe they were envisioning it more as formal wear, since there is a long option.  I wish they had a real life modeled dress, as always.

This looks so simple, but it looks like a great little knit dress.  I don't like the sleeve length, though.  I'd go 3/4 or a shorter short sleeve.  That's just personal preference, though.  I like the top-stitching on the high waistline at a very flattering spot (narrowest part of the rib cage) and that it is designed to pull on (no zipper).  The little tabs would be a great spot for some fabulous buttons, too.  Cute!  

There are definitely other interesting designs that just aren't quite my style (ahem), so definitely go over to Vogue and take a look at all of them!


  1. Ooh! I like the knit sheath... May have to check that one out after the move and the wedding.

  2. V9046 is beautiful! I just love when new patterns come out!

  3. I absolutely love the Claire Schaeffer dress. It would suit you to a T Jenny!


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