Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spring 2017 Pattern Picks - Vogue, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, New Look

I am so excited for some spring sewing that I thought I would do one big "Pattern Picks" post for all the new spring pattern releases... well, all the companies that I sew often and that have a seasonal release anyway.  That means the "big 4" - Vogue, McCalls, Butterick, and Simplicity + New Look, which I also often like.

First up is McCalls.  There are loads of great patterns from McCalls this spring.  For the sake of the length of this post, I'm only mentioning the ones that I truly want to make - so a super cute tee-shirt dress that I already have a perfectly acceptable pattern to make will not make the cut.  Ok?  Ok.  let's go.

M7540  I almost didn't include this one because I just cannot think of a legit function where I will wear this.  :-(  Super sad face.  I really do love this jumpsuit.  Click through to see the drawing of the back.  So cute!  I need a baby shower or something on my calendar to actually buy this pattern, though.  Is there any circumstance for which you would actually wear this?  Maybe I just need lots more dinner date nights with my husband.

M7537 I have actually already purchased this pattern and plan to make it in the berry-colored rayon challis below.  Call me crazy, but I am considering the ballon-y sleeve option.  Knowing me, they'll probably get cut off to short sleeves, though.

M7533 calls to me in this line drawing.  The modeled pic isn't doing much for me, though, so that makes me pause.

M7538  Someone restrain me, please.  Remember this fiasco? Ugh.  I envision it in this fabric, though, playing with the stripes and solids.  I bought soooo much of that fabric for some reason that I wouldn't even cry if it didn't turn out great.  

M7547  After much analysis, I decided that what draws me to this pattern is the pockets.  I wouldn't like the high rise aspect, so I should just use the pockets on pants that I know fit well.
M7549  I already bought this one.  I don't have any jackets anything like this.  The blue quilted version just really drew me in for some reason.  I have no idea what fabric I want to use with this.  Maybe a really pale pink chambray-type fabric.  Yeah, I see wearing that with white pants and jeans.  Isn't pink "in"?

The Vogue spring patterns are nice, also, but most are too formal or trendy for me.  I only got one, V1537, which I can't wait to make.  I have a couple of functions this spring that I think this dress/jacket set will work well for.  I am going to Pennie Fabrics in Sarasota in a few days with the hope of finding the perfect fabric for this pattern.

Of the Big 4 companies, I think I sew Butterick the least, but I found a few I would like to try this spring.

B6446  This is so cute in the gingham.  A bit too cutesy perhaps?  I don't know.  I haven't bought it yet, but it might just be casual enough for everyday summer wear.

B6449  I'm not sure I'll get around the buying or making this.  I already have several cute knit dress patterns I haven't even cut into.  I like the maxi version, but I find maxi skirts too hot for Florida summer, so I don't know.

B6448  I keep finding myself drawn to this pattern.  It's nothing earth-shattering, but something about the cut looks so flattering.  It might be that floral fabric that's sucking me in.  Gotta watch out for that.

B6461 I am drawn to these pants - the black version, NOT that floral version.  I would do a wider elastic in the waistband.  The seaming on the legs is interesting.

Simplicity and New Look.  Ugh.  That website.  I don't even know why it is so bad.  I think it's just too much on one site.  Vogue, McCalls, and Butterick are all owned by the same company, but they each have their own websites - so much better.

I only have one Simplicity pattern on my list, and it is 8295, and really, it is so similar to this dress that I made that, yeah, I won't actually be buying that pattern afterall.  Any version I want to make, I can hack it with the pattern I already have.

The only New Look pattern that is intriguing me is 6494 and it's not like I can just put in a pic of the version I like.  Oh no...  Anyway, bottom left is my favorite, but I have no vision of what fabrics I would want to use, so I doubt I will be getting this one.  Plus, I already have two shirtdresses.

Alright, well if you made it this far, I hope you found a little inspiration. What will you be sewing this spring?


  1. I have added some spring Big4 looks to the stash like M7538 (and sewn it!) and V1537. I love that NL dress too. It has some serious potential.

  2. I think the stripe dress would be amazing in your fabric. Do it!
    And the McCalls jacket, why not consider a silk, such as silk noil or dupioni? Dupioni is wonderful and you could even make it washable.

    1. Alright, you convinced me. Lol. The diagonal striped dress will happen! Also, yesterday, I got fabrics for the McCall's jacket and dress. The jacket fabric is indeed a textured silk! So excited to get started on those projects.

  3. So many nice patterns you picked! The jumpsuit ,I love it, I have no idea where I could wear it but I still bought it. Thanks to this post I realized that this pattern was not delivered on my last order so thank you for the reminder ;). I went a little crazy with the Mccalls patterns this month as we have 50% discount here in the Netherlands this days and that saves me a lot on taxes if I was buying in the US.m7244, m7541 also made it in my shoppingbag :), two Barbie Patterns...hahha..not so selfish ,right ?...oh and m7366 for view D, m7512, m7167 and m7133 also for the jumpsuit

    1. Oh that jumpsuit. It calls to me! I see nothing wrong with Barbie patterns. I wish I had someone to sew tiny Barbie clothes for! I think my nieces need some Barbies...

  4. I really like your rundown of picks! In fact, I didn't know Butterick releases were out for spring, though I don't sew much of that particular one either. B6449 is AMAZING, and I would love to sew that one. I love getting into the new releases, but don't buy much because I have so much already. I look forward to what you will sew. I think the balloony sleeves will look great with your choice!

    1. It is definitely hard to control myself with the pattern purchases. I can get these pretty inexpensively, but like you, I have so many already!

  5. I love your picks! Especially the McCalls patterns. I'll definitely be getting some of those at the next BMV sale. Thanks for pointing them out!

    1. My pleasure! I hope you find some you like!


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