Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Knitting progress

Sewing is so fast compared to knitting.  I have a couple of sewn things that I just need to take photos of, but with knitting, by the time I finish something, I am so excited that I photograph it pretty quickly.  Last night, I had the great idea to show some progress on my current knitting projects.  The only downside is that the photo quality is what you might expect for late night WIP pics.  :-)

 Apparently I am super into knit-alongs right now, because the first two projects are just that.

This is the Snoqualmie cardigan by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed.  The yarn is un-dyed Ecological Wool by Cascade in the beige shade.  I would have loved to knit this in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, but it was hard enough to justify this (half as expensive) yarn for a warm cardigan in Florida.  The up-side is that this sweater is turning out to be beautiful.  I know this will become my throw-it-on cozy sweater when it is finished.  I am almost finished with the back, and I think the rest will fly off the needles since this is knit in pieces.  The knit-along is being run by Closet Case Files, and I have a personal goal to try her Ginger Jeans pattern (the low-rise version, of course) to wear with this sweater.  I have never sewn jeans before, so we shall see...

My second WIP was a total impulse knit.  It is a mystery knit along, meaning that I don't know what the finished product will look like.  I just know it is a worsted-weight shawl, and the pattern is released a little bit at a time for four weeks.  A gamble?  Yes.  But, I really like Tanya's Instagram and podcast and her other designs, and it's only 400 yards of worsted weight yarn that I just happened to have laying around.  Why not?  Here it is after the first of four clues.

I am also working on the Intersect Cardigan, also released by Brooklyn Tweed and designed by Norah Gaughan.  This is the yarn rescued from my recent failed sweater.  What you are looking at is the upper back.  The thing sticking up at the top is the center back collar and I just started knitting down one side of that.  This is a really fun project.  You never know what is coming next.  I have set this aside for a bit, though, because two fingering weight sweaters on the needles at once was a big discouraging.

The other fingering weight sweater of which I speak is the Lace Cardigan from The Art of Seamless Knitting book.  It seemed like I was working on the lace body section forever, but I finished that a couple of days ago and then completed the bottom ribbing and the button bands.  I about lost my mind when it took 4(!!!) attempts to get the buttonholes evenly spaced.  My math brain was not functioning properly.  The pic I took of the cardigan last night turned out all blurry, but here is a screenshot from Instagram.

Finally, this isn't new or a WIP, but I wore it yesterday and took a photo for Knitbot's #wewearknitbot party.  The pattern is Rocky Coast from Coastal Knits.  Here it is on Ravelry.  I knit it back in 2012.  It has quite a few pills and I have some issues with it sliding off my shoulders, but I do still wear it.  :-)

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  1. Now I would probably have to disagree with you looking at the progression of your knitting projects! You are really fast!! There are some amazing looking projects coming off of your "Smoking needles", LOL!! I really love that eggplant color and the gold color projects… Absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see them completed!


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