Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leafy Cowl

More knitting!  I know.  I've been on a roll.
 The yarn is hand-dyed from Voolenvine (same as this).  The green color is "one of a kind".  I don't think Kristin is planning to recreate it, so I'm glad I snagged some.  It's just bright enough without venturing into lime-y territory.  It's a perfect spring leaf green.  This is a DK weight, and I used size 5 needles for the whole thing.
 The lovely color made me think of leaves, so I dreamed up this viney, leafy pattern idea that was better in my head than knit up.  I know if I used a reverse stockinette stitch background that it would pop more, but I wanted textured knit on knit.  Again, it isn't quite as great finished as it was in my head, but I'm still very happy with it and have NO plan to start it over.  :-)
 I also determined the length carefully to be wrapped twice.  After all the fiddling I need to do to get this one pinned and laying nicely, this one is satisfying to just pop on and go.
Ok.  I really do have some sewing to show you as soon as I write up a post.  A denim dress heavily inspired by (um, copied from) this Derek Lam.


  1. Love the color! Very cute! I can't wait to see the dress, although I can't imagine why you didn't just pay the $1200 to get the Derek Lam (LOL)! :-)

  2. Love a cowl - the colour is great and I am super impressed that you made up the pattern.

  3. Denim dresses are always stunning. I love denim dresses. This short scarf is really nice and beautiful . It will be perfect with ladies denim shirt


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